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The world's first public steam line was open on 27 September 1825, it start it the age of railways. In Europe some wooden tracks were in use as early as 12 century mainly in salt mines. The first steam locomotive to run on rails was in 1804 but the weight of the locomotive shattered the tracks, the first successful locomotives were built the England in 1811. The first passenger railway was open between Liverpool and Manchester in September 1830. In USA first locomotive run the Baltimore & Ohio railway in 1829.

Train stationAbove railway station England 1930.

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This site is not about history of trains. This site is just about train photos, train stations and some scenery.
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Rusian Trains in World War II


Diesel and electric lokomotives

The compression-ignition system developed between 1886 and 1890 laid the foundation of the engines that became known by the French engineer Rudolf Diesel. Although experimental units were developed in Germany and England, but the first production was by USA in 1925 delivered the first of a production series of 300 hp diesel-electrics. Electric locomotives, the first one was made in 1842 by Robert Davidson.